Michal Lepíček




I was born in Brandýs nad Labem, however, since my first year I am living in Prague, capital city of Czech Republic.

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In 2013 I graduated from high school of information technology with personally chosen specialization for graphical systems and creating websites. Right after that I managed to get to college ČVUT FIT where I successfully finished bachelor part and now I continue with graduate studium in computer science, my field.


Computer skills

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery), C, C++, Java (Android java), PHP, MySQL(i), Oracle database, SQLite, Linux, Windows, Office.

Basics of assambler, shell, generic, security (cryptography), networking.

I acquired certificates ECDL, CISCO IT Essentials and Oracle Academy.



First I was employed as assistant at small company for teaching unemployed people basics of computers. Then at high school I started at rather successful company for creating websites where I stayed for slightly more than 2 years. Right now I am creating small websites for cheap price when contacted by anyone.

Apart from above mentioned I am currently managing a few website projects which I helped start or I am still in shadows of maintaining them.

Considering my studying profile I am working exclusively as part time jobber or on trade certificate.

Identification number: 03270459

„Žití, to je největší umění na světě, neboť většina lidí pouze existuje.“ Oscar Wilde